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导读:2014/2015德甲联赛第13轮积分榜,2014-2015 北京十三分中学第一次月考三. 单项(15 分)17. I’ll tidy up my room and you have to tidy up __.A. you B. mine C. your D. yours18. – When did you go to America? - I went there ___ May 7th, 1989.A. on B. in C.


2014-2015 北京十三分中学第一次月考三. 单项(15 分)17. I’ll tidy up my room and you have to tidy up __.A. you B. mine C. your D. yours18. – When did you go to America? - I went there ___ May 7th, 1989.A. on B. in C. at D. of19. What made you ___ he is a bad person?A. think B. thinking C. to think D. thought20. Tom was so excited __ the pandas in the zoo.A. seeing B. sees C. saw D. to see21. Most students think Lin Dan is one of ___sports stars in China.A. popular B. more popular C. most popular D. the most popular22. It often takes me an hour __ my homework these days.A. finish B. to finish C. finishing D. finished23. I saw John __ the classroom a moment ago.A. enters B. is entering C. enter D. to enter24. Many fruits, ___ apples and oranges, are good for people.A. except B. such as C. as well D. as well as25. Scientists are doing a lot of research to help pandas __ more babies.A. allow B. choose C. develop D. produce26. He spent three years ___ Chinese before he came to China.A. learned B. to learn C. learning D. for studying27. The vides film wasn’t interesting at all, __ the little boy still watched it carefully.A. but B. so C. then D. and28. ___ the heavy rain, the sports meeting was put off.A. as a result B. As well as C. In order to D. because of29. ____ you play golf?- No, but I can play tennis.A. Can B. May C. must D. should30. She will can you if she _____.A. will come back B. come back C. comes back D. is coming back31. Everyone in our class is very ___ in his __ talk.A. interested, interesting B. interesting interestedC. interest, interestedD. interesting, interest四. 完型填空题(10 分,每题 1 分)When I was fifteen, I told all my 32 that I was going to be a writer. Some of then sneered (窃笑), and others nearly fell out of their chairs, 33. "Don't be joking. Only smart people can become 34." Hearing this, I was so 35that I cried. That night I wrote a short 37 story about broken dreams and sent it to Capri's Weekly newspaper.36 , they published (发表) it and paid me two dollars. I 37 it to my classmates. But they laughed again. I didn't 38. I tasted success because I published1

the first thing that I had written. During the next two years, I 39 lots of stories,letters, and recipes. My book Crying Wind became the best seller. Now when I amfree, I 40 write. People ask me what college I went to and what degree I had. Theanswer is: "None." I just write. I never give up once I 41my dream. To all those whodream of writing, I'd like to say, "Yes, you can. Try your best!"I don't writeright, but I have got the success. Writing is easy, it's fun and anyone can do it.32. A. teachers B. family C. classmates D. friends33. A. crying B. hearing C. answering D. laughing34. A. engineers B. reporters C. teachers D. writers35. A. happy B. angry C. sad D. nervous36. A. Happily B. surprisingly C. luckily D. immediately37. A. showed B. gave C. sent D. took38. A. try B. mind C. work D. agree39. A. told B. sold C. left D. kept40. A. also B. ever C. still D. hardly41. A. realize B. check C. start D. lose五. 阅读理解(共 21 分, 42-46 每题一分, 47-54 每题 2 分)Some interesting animalsPeople in India think the cow (奶牛)is the mother of the earth. It gives so much but asks nothing in return. So in many Indian cities, people don’t eat or sell beef. Cows in India can walk free(免费) with the cars. The zebra 斑马 belongs to 属于 the horse family. They live in southern and central Africa. Zebras have excellent hearing and eyesight and are capable of running at speeds 速度 of up to 40 miles per hour. The kangaroo is the symbol of Australia. They can’t walk. They use their strong back legs to jump. They can jump over 56 kilometres each hour. They can go over nine metres in one jump! The polar bear lives in the snow and ice. It is 3 metres long and it weighs 重 450 kilos. It can stand up on its back legs because it has very wide feet. It can use its front legs like arms. It can swim well.42:_________ is a member of the horse family.Food GrassGrassGum treesSea animalsA.The cowB.The zebraC.The kangarooD.The polar bear43:The kangaroo can’t walk with its legs, but can________.A.flyB.swimC.jumpD.run44:If you walk in the street, you can meet a cow in________.A.ChinaB.AustraliaC.AfricaD.India45:The polar bear lives on _______.A.sea animalsB.grassC.beefD.gum trees2

46:“In return” in the sentence “It gives so much but asks nothing in return” means ______i Chinese. 归还 B 回报 C 轮流 D. 要求B. Never try to work when you are very hungry. If you decide to do your homework right after school, you may get something to eat before getting to work. Always do your homework before you get too tired. Don't wait until very late in the evening, or your work will seem much harder than it really is. If you have more than an hour's work, give yourself a break after an hour. On the other hand, don't break it up so much that you can't get anything done you should be able to work at least a half at a time without stopping. Don't put it off until the last minute. If you put off doing your homework, you will have it on your mind, and you won't enjoy your free time so much. If you put it off until the end of the week or until right before a test, you will have too much catching up to do. A little bit each night enough to keep up with what is happening each day in school, will take the fear out of tests and keep you on top of it all. Do your homework at the same time every evening. This will help you make it a habit. It will make it easier to do and it will make your free time more enjoyable, as well.47. If we wait very late in the evening, our work will _______.A. become a bit hard B. seem much harder C. look very easy D. go to so much trouble48. Some students in schools won't enjoy their free time so much because they _______.A. have to do their homework each night B. will have too much catching up to do C. never finish their homework in time D. want to keep up with what is happening in school49. How many suggestions are mentioned in the passage?A. Five. B. Four. C. Three. D. Two.50. What is the passage mainly about?3

A. How to spend your free time. B. How to do your homework. C. Some good habits at home. D. Some don't do and do in schools.C. I was hurrying to our basketball game one morning when Hillary Barnes, the most popular girl, inschool, stopped me."Are you the twin who won the art competition?"she asked. "No,that's Christine. I'm Katie."I said.We were not identical twins;we looked quite different. She could defeat Snow White in a beautycontest! Compared to Christine, I felt like one of Cinderella's stepsisters. One Saturday Christine gave me a painting lesson because I was always attempting to be artistictoo. But I knocked over the vase of flowers, spilling water onto Christine's painting. Instead ofbecoming angry, though, she turned the whole mess into a dreamy masterpiece(杰作).You could lookat it five different ways and see five different things. With this brilliant creation, she won First Prize in the art competition. I really envied her, but I knew it wasn't her fault and I was the one with wild, unmanageable hair and no talent.Joining Christine's basketball team was my latest effort to be like her. On the way to the gym, I'd made up my mind to give my best performance in that day's game.I made preparations with great enthusiasm."Christine, here!"I tossed her a ball. But it was too high, she leapt for it, it slipped through her fingers and crashed into the tape recorder that was used to play the national anthem before each game. I muttered apologies as I picked up the broken pieces of the recorder.Coach looked at the mess and asked, "How are we going to play the song now?" Christine suggested, "Let Katie sing it! She's always singing at home." Coach asked."Would you?"I found myself nodding. Coach announced the national anthem and everyone stood. Standing before a microphone,I looked up to the flag. The notes seemed to flow from deep inside me, and my voice was steady and clear. When I finished, the gym was silent Then it was filled with applause .As the game started. teammates patted my back and gave me the "thumbs up" sign. Laura Jamison said."You should try out for the school musical!"I Nodded and said that I might. The next morning Hillary Barnes stopped me in the hallway and asked,"Are you the twin whosings?""Yes, that's me," I answered, grining(露齿笑)as I walked to class.51.The authur uses "Snow White"and"Cinderella's stepsisters"to showA.how dissimilar the twins were in appearaneeB.why Christine could win the art competition4

C.who was the most popular girl at schoolD.what the twins characters were like52.What can we learn from Paragraph 4?A.Christine was unpleasant to her sister.B.Katie showed a lot of ability in painting too.C.The masterpiece was painted by the two sisters.D.Katie took a reasonably balanced view of her sister.53.Christine recommended Katie for the national anthem because _____.A.she knew perfectly well what Katie had a gift for.B.she wanted to repair the damage she had caused.C.she thought Katie should be punished.D.she would like to help the coach.54.What is the message of the story?A.Bad situations help become popular.B.People are talented in different ways.C.People should always be nice to others.D.Unsuccessful attempts are well worth the effort.六. 还原句子(共 4 分,每小题 1 分) Jay Chou was born on January 18, 1979, in Taiwan, China. He grew up with his mother, and was a quiet and shy kid. 55 so people thought he would never be successful in life. As a small child, Jay took a great interest in music.56 He loved it and kept on practicing. When he was in high school, he could play the piano quite well. At the same time, he showed his talent for writing songs. Before Jay became a singer, he worked as a songwriter. 57 Jay released(友行) his5

first album(专辑) in 2000 and soon he got quite popular. Now Jay is one of the most famous singers in Asia. However, he is still shy and doesn't smile often He isn’t good-looking and doesn’t speak clearly when he sings or talks, 58 Most of his fans like him because he is really good at music and never follows others. A.But he has a lot of fans. B. He didn’t do very well in schoolwork. C.He lived with his grandmother when he was young. D.For two years, he spent most of his time writing songs. E. His mother sent him to learn the piano when he was only three years old.七. 完成句子。

(共 10 分,每题 2 分) 73. 干嘛不试一试?要相信自己。

________________ have a try? You should believe in yourself. 74. 今天游泳有点冷, 去划船怎么样? It’s a little cold to go swimming today. ________________________? 75. 我觉的学习和物理一样难。

I think maths ____________________________ physics. 76. 据说这座城市有 2000 年的历史了。

It is said that this city ______________________________________________. 77. 有时候电视节目太有意思了,很难让孩子们不去看。

Sometimes the TV programs _____________________________________.八阅读与表达(共 6 分, 78-81 每题一分,82 题 2 分) A type of bird that is now extinct (消失) is the passenger pigeon. The passenger pigeon lived in the eastern part of North America. Scientists believe that in the year 1500 there were as many as five billion of these birds living from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. They flew at great speeds and would travel to many places to look for food. Passenger pigeons grew to be about 16 inches long.Settlers who came to North America killed the passenger pigeon for food and for its feathers. The forests where they lived were cut down to clear the land for farming. Because the passenger pigeon laid only one egg at a time, their population did not grow quickly. The last passenger pigeon died at Cincinnati Zoological Gardens in 1914.Another type of bird that has become extint is the dodo. The dodo lived on an island called Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It had short, stubby legs and wings and a large curved beak. The dodo was about the size of a large turkey. It was acturally related to the pigeon, but it could not fly. Like the passenger pigeon it laid only one egg at a time. Dodos became extinct because they were eaten by sailors and animals, such as pigs and monkeys, that the sailors brought to the island. The dodo is believed to have died out in 1680.Another flightless bird that has become extinct is the moa. The moa lived on the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Like the dodo, the moa’s legs were shorter, but some of these birds grew to be more than ten feet tall. And the causes of its6

extinction is the same as the dodo’s. The moa is believed to have died out sometime during the 1700s.78. Were there many passenger pigeon in the year 1500? 79. When did the last passenger pigeon die at Cincinnati Zoological Gardens ? 80. Where did the dodo live before it died out? 81. How many kinds of birds have died out in the passage? 82. Why have these birds died out? 十一. 书面表达题(12 分) 83. my hometown For your reference: where is your hometown?Is there anything special or famous? Do you love your home town? Why?7

答案: 17. D 18. A 19. C 20. D 21. D 22. B 23. C 24. B 5. D 26. C 27. A 28. D 29. A 30. C 31. A 32. C 33. D 34. D 35. C 36. B 37. A 38. B 39. B 40. C 41. C 42 B 43. C 44. D 45. A 46. B 47. B 48. C 49. A 50. D 51. A 52. D 53. A 54. B 55.B 56. E 57. D 58. A 73. why not 74. how about going boating 75. is as hard as 76. has a history for 2,000 years 77. are so interesting that it is hard not to let the children watch 78. yes 79. in 1914 80. They lived on an island called Manritiw in the Indian Ocean 81. three kinds of birds 82.8